Following your Dreams is Serious Business

Every business starts as an idea. Rêves de Sabine ("Sabine's Dreams" in French) was created to help women look, feel and smell beautiful, naturally, from head-to-toe, utilizing the best that nature has to offer with the least amount of processing.

It has been three years now since the launch of Rêves de Sabine, and in the past nine months, we have added to our line and made our way to the shelves of Erewhon markets (Calabasas, Venice, Santa Monica and Los Angeles).

This summer has been particularly busy for us:

  • We were part of a fascinating Women's Conference: "Deal with It", organized by the MPTF, and featuring speakers Molly Bloom and Catt Sadler. We were one of Erewhon's featured women-owned businesses.
  • We have become Green-Certified by the City of Ventura. We are so excited to join other local businesses dedicated to more sustainable practices and protecting our planet. It is inspiring on so many levels, and a reminder that every day, small changes add up to big results.
Green Business Logo - NEW.png

Our biggest commitment remains to you, the customer:

  • We truly care about the details. We are passionate about quality and apply it to everything we do. 
  • We also care about our environment, our carbon footprint, including the type of packaging we use, because each decision impacts everyone.
  • We listen: If you have any comments or suggestions, we want to know: We will give them the attention they deserve and take all of your comments into consideration:. Please email us at: