Wednesday Beauty Tips: How to maintain sun-kissed, glowing skin all summer long… and beyond.


I have been offering free clay mask mini facials at a few events recently, and I’ve heard a lot of questions about skin health during the summer. Some of you may have already gone away and come back with a lovely sun-kissed glow which, understandably, you want to maintain! Others, like us in Southern California, can pretty much get enough sun exposure throughout the summer to keep that healthy look into the fall.

Whatever your circumstances, here are 4 tips on how to care for your skin to make a beautiful, healthy glow last.

  1. Hydrate your skin and body. Drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol as much as possible (I know these refreshing summer drinks can be very tempting). Spray fresh rose water on clean skin and follow up with nourishing oils like Eclat or Repair to lock in moisture.

  2. Feed your skin, both topically and internally. Use nutrient-rich oils on your skin and eat foods rich in vitamins (A, C, Omega 3, copper and zinc especially).

  3. Exercise your face and body. Movement is critical for good circulation and lymphatic drainage, and to keep your skin energized and glowing. Massage with a gua sha (rose quartz or jade) daily and check out those videos on face yoga. Funny… But effective!

  4. Exfoliate your face and body. If you want to keep your sun-kissed glow, this may sound counter-intuitive. But exfoliating will remove only the dead skin cells which prevent your skin from absorbing moisturizers and from looking radiant. For the face, use a rose clay mask, or a sugar polish. Always follow up with a serum like Eclat or Repair while your skin is still damp. For the body, dry brush before you shower, then apply a beautifying body oil, like Calm, Happy or Toned.

And if your skin has been exposed to too much sun, please check out my previous post:

Wishing you the best, healthiest skin ever!