"Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream." Debby Boone

My previous garden, which I cherished

My previous garden, which I cherished

My friend Melissa wrote this beautiful little piece, and I thought I'd share it with you. It works on so many levels, literally and figuratively... I will let you be the judge:

"Seeds. I've been thinking a lot about seeds this week. Partially because of the bounty of beautiful zinnias, sunflowers, nasturtiums, and even tomatoes that have all sprung up from seeds in our yard.

But I'm also thinking about the seeds we sow in our personal and professional lives, and how sometimes they germinate and bear fruit. Sometimes they falter, and nothing comes of them. And sometimes you find yourself surrounded by the products of noxious seeds either sown by yourself or others. Every comment, every smile, every action and inaction is a seed that we sow in the fertile soil of our lives.


As part of the garden that is our community, we must be mindful of the seeds we are sowing in our daily lives. We must be intentional with our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Not every one will grow and produce fruit, but why sow noxious seeds in the first place? If you knew that you would be held accountable for all the noxious seeds you sow in your daily life, would you be more mindful of your words and deeds?


The thing is, I believe that the Universe DOES hold us accountable. We have the power to sow seeds of hope, of charity, of love, of support. Or we can sow seeds of dissension, of negativity, of pain, and of carelessness. What you think and say becomes your reality.

Sometimes the hardest thing about planting a garden is practicing patience while you wait for it to grow. You can see in your head the beautiful flowers that will result, but the distance from here to there seems so vast.

And sometimes you're so tired of maintenance, of watering your plants and fertilizing them and yanking the weeds, that you want to skip the work. It becomes a chore. But then your seedlings wither, your garden never bears fruit nor flower. So intentional interaction and attention is vital.

It's easy when you're tired or upset to fling the noxious words and deeds about, to dwell in all the reasons why you're unhappy. But after a while, you find yourself squatting in a dusty little patch of dirt, surrounded by thistles and stinging nettle. And you see someone else in their carefully-tended garden, and wonder, well, how did they end up somewhere so nice? Why don't I deserve some beauty?

You do. I do. We all do. We have to put the work into creating the garden of our dreams. No delivery truck is going to roll up and just provide you with it.

And I'm not better than the person sitting among thistles, as I tend my zinnias. I just need to share some of my seeds and hope they can be just as blessed soon, once they decide they're ready to do some gardening.

A seed is such a perfect embodiment of hope and beauty, of purpose yet to be fulfilled, of an end to hunger, of a place to find shade. I've been reflecting a lot upon seeds this week, and thinking deeply on the garden I want to live in.

What about you? What are some of the seeds you sow? How do you tend your garden?"