How do you rate your sensual well-being?

I often start the week by asking myself which area I want to work on, and almost invariably, it has to do with work. But today I want to remind myself and others that self care is vital for overall health, stress management, self confidence and sensuality.

Don’t you sometimes feel disconnected from your body, because of stress, responsibilities, or a hectic lifestyle? I sometimes do, and that immediately cuts off my ability to feel fully alive, confident, and sensual.  

What we need to remember is that what our body loves more than anything else is to be celebrated through ALL of our senses. 

Here are a few simple ideas on how you can nurture yourself:

  • Slow down and breathe. When stress hits, everything around us seems to speed up. Research shows that it is impossible to feel stressed when we breathe deeply and slowly. Slow down and deepen your breath. Then slow down your movements.

    Listen to your senses. Be aware of what you experience through ALL of your senses. It will slow down your experience of time and will connect you to your body and the present moment.

  • Bring small pleasures into your everyday life. It will boost your confidence and awareness of your own sensuality.  Pleasure is a necessity for vitality. It can be anything that brings you joy, from buying yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers, to diffusing your favorite essential oil blend, cooking your favorite meal, or reading your favorite book, curled up in a comfortable armchair.  Increasing your pleasure quotient will also do wonders for your sense of balance and calm.

  • Expand your beauty rituals. When we treat ourselves as we would our loved one, it shows. Finding small, loving actions that we can practice daily, that are just for us, reminds us of that we deserve our own love and attention as much as anyone else. Ad to your daily beauty rituals something you’ve never tried before, something simple that feels easy (and fun) to commit to. I personally treat myself to Belle Rose Intimate Beauty Serum.  It contains rose essential oil, which has a strong affinity with the feminine, and is always associated with love and romance. It is wonderful for confidence, sensuality, and is a natural mood lifter.  It is the ultimate luxurious oil for our most delicate and sensitive areas.

Bouquet of Flowers.jpg
Belle Rose Intimate Serum.png

Let me know if this resonates with you and add your own wisdom! I’d love to hear from you. Happy Monday!